Salooni is a multidisciplinary art project that posits black hair practices as systems of knowledge through which culture and survivalist strategies are passed from generation to generation.  What practices of self-care and love have been replicated and shared by black girls and women in the styling and braiding of their hair? What collective and individual traumas have we endured and perpetuated as a result of rejection from western hegemonic cultures, and in our own attempts to conform and survive a world in which beauty standards are dictated by Caucasian culture? Created by four Ugandan women (Kampire Bahana, Darlyne Komukama, Aida Mbowa, Gloria Wavamunno), through short film, live art performances, theatre and photography, we present the ways in which historical memory and ways of being are weaved into the nap of black peoples’ hair.

Photos By: Darlyne Komukama/The Salooni Project

Styling By: Gloria Wavamunno





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