Download Nisekoi ED 2 - Recover Decoration ft. xclassicalcatx - ニセコイ リカバーデコレーション Mp3

Nisekoi ED 2 - Recover Decoration ft. xclassicalcatx - ニセコイ リカバーデコレーション

Duration: 01:54

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Published: 01 Februari 2015

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Hey hey guys! Thanks for reading this if you do, you're a boss and deserve good things ok, but you already knew that, you sexy creature, you ;)

Onodera best girl, needless to say. Not an easy choice though, considering just how great they all are in their own way. I'm not the biggest fan of tsunderes though, and believe they're pretty overrated nowadays. Don't even get me started on Marika being a fucking yandere lite(tm) as one of my friends puts it. She's just too much lol. Love here character design though, she's certainly got some great plot.

Anyway, if you're looking for a great romcom, I'd recommend Nisekoi. It'd be my lighthearted AOTY for 2014, though not my overall pick for best. See you all next time~

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Original Song Artist: Onodera Kisaki CV: Kana Hanazawa
Original Song Title: リカバーデコレーション "Recover Decoration"
Arrangement and performance by: Jonathan Parecki